John Wesley Alvarez or JayDubYuh as he prefers to be called(although I call him Wes or Wesley) was born May 9, in South Miami, Florida, to Nelson Lacey Alvarez and the former Valerie Kuntz.  When Wes was four months old, his dad passed away.


Wes was a brilliant kid with a thirst for knowledge. As a baby,he loved to be read to. As he grew he developed a love for  books in general.  Before the age of two years, he had memorized all the whales and dinosaurs in the encyclopedia and could recognize  their pictures and name them all. 


 His Grandmother, Sissy, (my mother) loved to spend time with him and he loved to be with her, as well. She had a great command of the English language and passed that on to Wes.  Sissy was so knowledgeable about so many interesting subjects and Wes has inherited that quality from her.


  He is one of the most interesting, smart and talented people I have ever met.  He soaks up knowledge like a sponge and retains it.

 He is the same way with humor.  He can spout one joke after another and keep us laughing for hours.  He has a way of putting things verbally that is uniquely his. He is a natural comedian. 

 He loves educational tv channels and anything spooky, sci-fi, etc. 

Wes is a real nature lover.  Once several years ago when he was staying in our guest cottage in back by the lake, he made a list of all the wild life he spotted in our yard.  It was a huge long list and he would keep adding to it.  He documented species that most others would never have taken notice of. I was fascinated that he found so many critters in just our little 1/2 acre.  I saved the list as long as I could but it had gotten wet and deteriorated before I could copy it.


 He collects skulls(not real ones).He could fill a small house with his collection. He has a dvd of every scary movie ever made. He loves Halloween and always has the best costume.  Actually, he loves all holidays and loves family tradition.


When Wes was little he spent quite a bit of time with his dad's parents. Pete and Addie Alvarez.  Since his dad was their only child they loved having Wes around.His Grandmother Alvarez is deeply religious and taught Wes about the Bible.  He soaked that knowledge up too, and can quote scripture verbatim.  They can't stump him with a religious question on Jeopardy.


As a kid , he did the usual kid stuff, Karate lessons, scouting and little league. As a teen he was devoted to his music and attended many rock concerts. Growing up on a lake fostered his interest in water sports. He is also an avid camper, with an extensive array of camping gadgets and gear. 


He has always loved music.  He played drums as a youngster.  He was in the Orlando Fife and Drum corps and performed in parades, etc.He is proficient on the keyboard and plays a mean harmonica, but his true love is the guitar. He plays lead guitar, primarily rock, but also  country, classical, or anything else for that matter.   He has a large, fascinating guitar collection.  He  has them all customized with his skull logo.


His dad played the guitar and I am sure that talent was passed on genetically .We also have a great deal of musical talent on this side of the family too, His uncle and aunt, Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan.

Wes and his brother Chris, would play together  in various bands when they were growing up.  They have had their own band, The Alvarez-Armstrong Band.

Wes taught guitar lessons to many students as a way of earning money, but never turned anyone away who had a desire to learn.  He is a great believer in Karma  and a deep thinker and philosopher.

He attended Full Sail Music Production School in Orlando.


Wes is a certified electrician, but  attended college in Orlando and is now working as a land surveyor, the profession of his step father, Irv Armstrong.


Wes has two daughters Andrea and Tammy Maxwell, that he dearly loves.  He and their mother have not been together for years but he has always maintained close contact with his girls.

Wes continues to play in a band performing locally.

I could continue writing about Wesley indefinitely.  It is impossible to sum up everything about someone as multi-faceted as he in just a few paragraphs.  I will add more info as it comes to me.


I love you Wesley.

  You will always be my baby, even when you are eleventy.





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